I’ve always been interested in the perception of the mind. Especially, how

it’s different from one person to another. Everyone is different and perceives

things in their own way through their senses; it is one of the factors that make us

unique. The senses are the main focus in my current series because it is part of

our everyday life. I want to bring the normalcy of what we see, smell, touch,

taste and hear, and show the uniqueness of person in a simple yet conceptual



The smaller canvases show the single body parts that represent each of

senses accordingly, while the medium size canvases show all the senses in one

picture. My color palette is vibrant, yet calming, to enhance and complement

the solitude of the parts of the body. My painting, “Looking Into,” shows how

the vibrant and pastel colors complement each other. I painted the women’s

faces and hair with more saturated colors to bring focus to the faces while the

background is tinted and grayed down.


The shapes in every painting are what I think of as abstract “puzzle

pieces” that make up a person’s “identity.” The random and organic shapes of

the “puzzle pieces” show individualism to the senses in a design concept. The

design of the shapes complements the composition of the subject matter. In my

painting, “Touch,” the “puzzle pieces” surround the hands to focus the viewer’s

eye on the hands touching.


My interest in the perception of the mind is something I want to focus on

through my artistic path. The five senses are my current interest. To further my

interest, I want to eventually make a series of paintings for each sense; however,

the sense of sight is what I’m most intrigued about. I believe that the eyes are

the gateways to the soul. And as an artist, I feel that my eyes are the most

important of the senses. I don’t just use them to see what I paint, but to really

visualize from what my mind sees too. I hope to express my concept in my

current series.